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SOUP OF THE DAY - Chefs homemade soup, served with thick brown bread.             £4.75

CHICKEN WINGS - with a blue cheese Dip.                   £6.55   

CULLEN SKINK- Traditional Scottish soup with smoked haddock, potatoes, leeks and cream served with thick brown bread.  £7.50                                               

BREADED MUSHROOMS (V) - Served with side salad and garlic mayonnaise.           £5.95  

HAGGIS PAKORAS - With Tika mayonnaise and salad leaves.                         £6.45

CRAB CAKES – crab meat, mustard, cayenne and coriander, coated in bread crumbs, deep fried and served with salad leaves and a chilli jam.      £6.75

FRESH SCOTTISH MUSSELS - 0.4kg.  (when available) in a creamy white wine sauce & served with chunky brown bread.                      £9.25



A choice of fillings on brown or white thick cut bread.

CORONATION CHICKEN                          £6.75            

TUNA MAYO.                                              £6.75

CHEESE & PICKLE (V)                               £6.50

HAM, CHEESE & COLESLAW                   £6.95                     



Ham, cheese and red onion.                         £6.75                    

Cheese and pickle.                                        £6.75

Tuna mayo and cheese                                 £6.75



all served on a burger bun with

chips, burger relish and coleslaw.

Plain 6oz beef burger                                      £11.25

With Cheddar Cheese.                                    £11.95

With Bacon and cheese                                   £12.95

With haggis and cheese                                  £12.50

NACHO BURGER (V) Tex-Mex veg with  a tortilla crust and a sweetcorn relish             £10.50


BAKED POTATOES - all served with side salad

Cheese and Coleslaw  (V)                              £8.25

Tuna Mayonnaise                                            £8.50  

Coronation chicken                                        £8.50




STEAK & ALE PIE - traditional steak and ale pie served with fries, peas and carrots.          £13.25

FRESH ARBROATH HADDOCK - supplied by A. Spink of Arbroath, served breaded or beer battered with mixed salad and coleslaw or garden peas with fries and homemade tartare.                   £13.95                 

SEAFOOD DUO - Half battered haddock and breaded wholetail scampi with mixed salad  and coleslaw or garden peas and homemade tartare

with fries.  £13.95

MACARONI CHEESE (V) - pasta in a cheese sauce served with a mixed salad and fries.       £11.50

BREADED WHOLETAIL SCAMPI - served with a choice of mixed salad, coleslaw or peas with fries and homemade tartare.       £13.65                        

ROASTED VEGETABLE LASAGNE –  served with a mixed salad and fries.               £12.50                                            

SMOKED HADDOCK AND SPRING ONION FISHCAKES - Served with a mixed salad, coleslaw and fries.                     £12.75

BATTERED CHICKEN FILLETS - with garlic mayonnaise, a mixed salad & fries.      £12.75

ABERDEEN ANGUS BEEF LASAGNE with a mixed salad and fries                           £12.75

SHIP INN FISH PIE Salmon, tiger king prawns and smoked haddock with peas in a white wine sauce topped with mash  and melted cheddar cheese, served with  peas and carrots.                                           £14.95

ROAST GAMMON SALAD with coleslaw, cheese, mixed salad and fries.                       £12.95

FRESH SHETLAND MUSSELS (0.75 kg) (when available) in a cream and white wine sauce and served with fries                             £12.25





SWEET POTATO FRIES- with Sriracha sauce £4.50